Why Your Business Needs Water Coolers

water cooler in office

There are many reasons water coolers are essential in an office environment. When you are working it’s important for your body to stay hydrated at all times otherwise you will lose concentration and interest in your work which in turn will lead to distraction and unproductivity. It has been evidenced by studies that a person who is fully hydrated is much more productive and has a higher mental performance than somebody who is dehydrated or underhydrated.

Not only will a well-hydrated person work more efficiently they are less likely to become ill as water is a key factor of the immune system and helps fight off illness, you need water to digest food and pass out any unwanted bacteria through your urine. When an employee becomes ill it not only disrupts their work it can cost both employer and employee money, as a workload may be left unfinished with an employee being sent home or needing to see a doctor.

A water cooler is a great way to tackle this issue as it is an easy and convenient way to supply fresh cold water to your office and employees. Providing your employees with drinking water is a law under the workplace regulations in 1992, so not only are water coolers convenient they much more cost and energy efficient than providing your employees with bottled water.

There are many different models, styles and colours to fit in with your office space so you don’t have to worry about a water cooler looking out of place in your office. If you are Liverpool based there are many companies that provide great high-quality water coolers, have a look at this water coolers company Liverpool.