4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Shower Wall Panels

These days, more and more people are starting to choose shower wall panels as an easier way of acquiring the bathroom design they desire. With easy fitting and almost effortless maintenance, shower wall panels give you the fuss-free experience you always wanted, without compromising on choice or quality.

Here are the four main reasons why you should choose shower wall paneling today.

1. Easy installation & fitting

Shower wall paneling is fast to install, much quicker than traditional bathroom tiles. Without the risk of cracking during the fitting process (as is the case with tiling) the application of shower wall has little room for mistakes and can even be fitted without the need for a professional.

Since there’s no drilling involved, shower wall installation leaves minimum mess and no rubble. Just use the trims and sealants that come with your shower wall to attach it directly to plastered walls, existing tiling or onto battens. There are many tutorials and guides available to assist you.

2. Stunning bathroom designs at a fraction of the cost.

Don’t think for one moment that by choosing shower wall, your design options are limited. Shower wall comes in an endless range of styles, textures, designs and colours, so you’re sure to achieve the look you want even if you’re reluctant to forego tiles.

Choose from plain; flecked; mosaic; marbled; rippled; sparkled; matte; glossed; granite-look or even a tiled-look. Finding a reputable shower wall fitter with the style you want is likely to bring you closer to making your dream bathroom a reality.

3. Complete water-tightness, guaranteed

With shower wall, you can be certain that there’ll be no water leaks that can come from cracked or broken tile grouting. With proper installation, shower paneling is one of the best ways to ensure a completely waterproof bath or shower stall area.

As it lasts fifteen years on average before needing to be replaced, shower wall may also be more long-wearing than tiles, which need to re-grouted regularly to maintain their function.

4. Easy maintenance

Unlike tile grouting which offers crevices for bacteria to hide in, shower wall panels are a much more resistant way to combat dirt and soap scum build-up. Throw out the abrasive cleaning agents as your shower wall won’t react positively to them. Instead, simply wipe down with a good-quality anti-bacterial spray at least twice a month.

This will ensure your shower wall panels stay looking clean and shiny…all with no scrubbing!