Why Construction Site Managers Should Be IPAF Trained

ipaf trainingHealth and safety is of the utmost priority when you are managing a construction site. More so than meeting deadlines or saving money, making sure all the members of staff under your supervision is crucial. The problem is that while the broad stokes of health and safety are fairly obvious, the regulations that surround them are often very complicated. When you consider that the demands of health and safety are constantly changing too, it is an area that can be quite problematic for site managers. Quite simply, it is difficult to keep up. This is why IPAF training is absolutely essential for those who manage construction sites.

What Is IPAF Training?

IPAF stands for the International Powered Access Federation. It is a not-for-profit trading body that represents the interests of workers who operate or oversee the operation of power access equipment on a daily basis. This can include mobile elevated work platforms like cherry pickers and scissor lifts. The International Powered Access Federation and its members have developed IPAF training courses in order to both teach and refresh some of the essential skills related to this field. It is commonly regarded as one of the best courses in the industry and is widely used.

Why Should Construction Managers Consider IPAF Training?

One of the many courses that the International Powered Access Federation offer is a MEWPs For Managers course. It is an essential one day training programme that provides education about the knowledge and responsibilities that site managers might need to know. It intends to equip managers with the skills to deal with problems they might face in their day to day work regarding health and safety. The IPAF course covers the likes of machine classifications, regulations on lifting operations and equipment, and a refresher of the Health And Safety At Work Act of 1974. Many of these things are legislation that you are legally obliged to know as a site manager. You will be issued with an IPAF MEWP Managers certificate at the end of the course if you are successful following an assessment.

How Much Does The MEWP For Managers Course Cost?

The International Powered Access Federation’s courses usually cost between £140 to £220 depending on how many people you wish you apply with and how many categories you wish to study. You can expect the aforementioned MEWP for Managers course to set you back somewhere in the region of £170.

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