Universal Hire athe Queens Diamond Jubilee

At the Queens diamond jubilee, Universals 52M Bronto truck was asked to work with a TV company that was filming the celebration in addition the filming of the event was only possible because of the skill of staff tasked with operating the truck. Also Universal stated that they where proud to be part of the filming and felt a sense of achievement.       […]

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Nationwide Platforms’ 2014 Expansion Plans 

Britain based company Nationwide Platforms recently spent £24.5 million on its rental fleet for 2014. The money will be used to purchase around 700 new boom and scissor lifts. They will be taking place of the companies older fleet that is made up of around 10700 units. The 2014 cash injection marks the third year of mayor fleet replenishment. In addition more than £70,000,000 has been spent on […]

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Essential Tips You Need For Managing A Construction Site

It is far from an easy job being the project manager for a construction site. It’s a position that requires you to coordinate and oversee every aspect of the construction. From acquiring the right equipment to managing the men and women on the job, it bears an enormous responsibility. Project managers need to be prepared […]

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